Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Fifty Six....its raining, its pouring..

Yippee! another cold, rainy stormy day - love it!!

We even got small hail today - but what I really miss is a real storm. One that brews all day - that smell of raining coming, followed by lightning and thunder. I love the loud clapping of clouds bouncing off each other, and the sky getting a dark, dark grey. I love pouring rain, so thick you can barely see through it. I love water gushing down the street and massive puddles - especially driving through them. I love the sound of water hitting my wind screen while I drive and the whooshing of my wind screen wipers.
I love to come home and put on snuggies and turn the fire and heater on. I love making something yummy for dinner, all warm and comforting.

So, I'll take my little Southern California "storm", enjoy it while it lasts, because its as good as it's gonna get!

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