Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Fifty Eight...Happy Birthday..

Today is my birthday!
I'm a total birthday girl - always have been. I remember as a child birthdays being a big a deal.
We didn't have the big elaborate parties that kids get nowadays, but we always had a party of some sort.

Being the 1st of March, the weather in Australia was always nice for my birthday. Just coming off summer, I'd have a pool party or a backyard soiree of some sort. Ice cream cake and pass the parcel. Sometimes an after school party. But birthdays were never missed and you were always fussed over. It's your special day!

Birthdays are still a big deal and I love having kids so I can now be the one to plan the big event. But being the adult doesn't mean I don't like birthdays -I still want the whole kit and kaboodle! I love the fan fare and being fussed over - its my special day!

It was nice celebrating yesterday with my family - I love my hand made cards from my kids, the sweet gifts and a delicious dinner out. But I still miss the big ol' parties I had when I was a kid...ah, guess its time to grow up.

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