Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day Sixty Two....Brrrrr!

O-M-G!! its cold!!
The kind of cold that makes you shiver all over until it hurts. When your fingers turn purple and go numb. teeth chatter, nose runs...

We are sitting at Lucas's baseball game and I wouldn't trade this for the world.

Grace and I are virtually frozen to the bleachers its that cold. we packed blankets and hot tea but it doesn't help much. But to be able to see my son play, to see the joy and excitement on his face when he hits the ball and gets to run to first base, is priceless and worth every bit of the pain in my lower body.

I love my kids so much it literally hurts tonight! I am such a proud mum I could burst, I would sit through a snow storm if it meant I could see my kids do something they love.

We sat there for two hours, cheering and laughing - shivering and chattering - enjoying every minute.

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