Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day Sixty...Time out..

Oh my gosh! What a beautifully perfect day!!
The weather couldn't get any nicer, and its Saturday!

Today started off early, with opening day for Lucas and baseball. I love seeing my little man all dressed in his uniform, before all the grass and dirt stains. I just love spending time with my family.
After baseball we stopped to get some lunch to bring home. The kids went to play in their tree, Troy was doing yard work and hanging out with them. So I decided I was going to take some time out of my day, put my feet up and enjoy my lunch in the backyard.

My yard is so neglected right now, but I know with a little TLC it will be back in shape in no time. I need to start weeding and re-planting for the Spring and Summer seasons, but for now I will just sit and enjoy my sandwich, indulge in a Coke and just take a load off in the glorious sunshine. Sometimes its just nice to sit and daydream....

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