Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day Sixty Three...Don't tell anyone we are friends..

I just love my kids.  They are pretty much my life. And I'm so ok with that.

When I got pregnant with Lucas Grace was only a year old and we realized they wouldn't even be 2 years apart, only 23 months to be exact. I was a little concerned, would I be able to handle a baby and a toddler?
As it turned out Grace was the perfect big sister, she loved helping me take care of "brother" and was an easy child herself.

I couldn't be happier with the age difference - those two are thick as thieves most days - heads together, working on something or playing a game. They get a long way more than they fight, and it amazes me how much they enjoy doing things together. Melts my heart to see them go off, climbing their tree or playing at the playroom table together. I love watching Grace help Lucas with homework occasionally, or Lucas being concerned over his sissy when she is sick. I laugh inside when I hear them call each other butt-heads, because it means they really do love each other.

I love watching them walk into school together, heads usually together, chatting about something - turning back to wave to me. no, life isn't always perfect, yes, they fight like normal brother and sister - but I know they couldn't be without each other and my hope is that they continue to grow closer everyday. Nothing more important than the love of your family.

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